I was inspired and impressed by the people I met in PageGroup.”

Why did you join PageGroup?

Frankly I was inspired and impressed by the people I met. I’m used to nailing my interviews but during my sessions with PageGroup, I felt challenged and loved it.

I also sensed a general atmosphere of belonging and pride in the office, which is always a good sign.

Can you tell us about your PageGroup journey so far?

It’s been over 4 years since I joined. First as an Associate Consultant and then through progression to an Associate Director last year.

I began in Finance to help launch our Bangkok business before taking over the re-launch for Technology & Governance.

The journey has been extremely challenging but rewarding. I always shared that I’ve never experienced the same quarter in PageGroup, mainly due to my mentors who kept pushing me with new challenges and new responsibilities.

I’ve been fortunate to be recognised as the Best Newcomer, Best Manager & a Platinum Club qualifier.

What are your career aspirations with PageGroup?

I personally think that there should be no limits.

I want to continue to grow as a leader, I want to continue to build or rebuild new businesses, and I want to be the best that I can be with PageGroup.

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?    

If you are an individual who is resilient, takes prides, passionate, works well in a team and enjoys having fun, PageGroup is for you.

We breathe and live our values; that’s what I’ve experienced here. 

But most importantly, our biggest investment is in our people - grooming and growing their careers within the Group.

What is most rewarding about your job?

Rewarding my team members. Best thing in my job is witnessing their growth and rewarding them with well-deserved promotions and bonuses.

Getting to do all these while having the ability to impact the lives of others such as our candidates and clients is priceless.