Candidate Reviews

Nur Fazlina
Nur F.
3 days ago

It was my first time applying a job through Michael Page. I was attended by Syaza, I would say it was the best experience I have ever had with a recruitment agency. Here's why:1) The conversations were always calm and professionally conducted. I can feel that she went through my resume thoroughly prior to our conversation to gauge the kind of experience I had and then asked me appropriate questions to get further understanding.2) Detailed explanations were given to me about the company, their working culture, and everything related to the role I was applying, so at the end I did not have a lot of things to clarify.3) I was comfortable in every conversation I had with her, it was a good consultation with two-way communication and active listening.Thank you Syaza & Michael Page!

Rebecca Henry Paul
Rebecca Henry P.
3 days ago

I hope that it’s not too late to show my appreciation to Eve Khor who has been so dedicated in helping me to source for the suitable candidates to take up a commercial role. She was so dedicated in her job despite the fact that it was a challenging position with very strict requirements to adhere to. It was a very pleasant experience for me to be working together with her. All the best to you, Eve!

Ting Ting Yong
Ting Ting Y.
3 days ago

I dealed with one of the manager of Michael Page, Yan, who tend to understand what company and candidate really wants before she patching our wires. No doubt on her professionalism.

Thashini Nair
Thashini N.
7 days ago

Hope it is not too late to compliment the awesome job that you have done Ms.Syaza. Thank you very much for your excellent work and for assisting me so gracefully.I believe your work will bring immense joy to many people in the future. May your creativity shine bright in the days to come.

al3p yusof
al3p Y.
12 days ago

I was liaised with Mr Jeevan Ekambaram in regards to my next move with employment & career growth. He aligned with what I want & the relevant skills that I have by connecting me with necessary organisation. But what I'm pleased the most was his ability to have such a rapid feedbacks from both sides that make the communication much easier and effective. The professionalism and his tendency to assist me has been excellent. Much appreciated to this guy and I trust Michael Page Malaysia the most.

Pvithra R
Pvithra R
12 days ago

Recruiter Syaza reached out to me today and left a smile on my face. She captured my career interest and and expectation at the very first call. It was my pleasure talking to you. She showed great professionalism throughout the call!

Steven Yeo
Steven Y.
12 days ago

Good experience when talking to Ms.Syaza on the possible opportunities. She is very friendly and helpful!

Hanif Rahim
Hanif R.
13 days ago

Special thanks to Michael Page, especially Ms Elaine. She help me to arrange the job interview in very short time period during my jobless period during Pendamic. With her help, I manage to secure a position in my current company.I'll look forward to get help in my future career advancement with Michael Page and Ms Elaine.

Lim Nacko
Lim N.
13 days ago

I have to say that Sara Loh is very helpful and extremely passionate. She has been following up with my case very closely with lots of advice and guide me through with job analysis.I must admit and compliments Sara Loh that she’s very committed as a professional recruiter and she had deliver a professional recruitment experience that I’ve never gone through before previously.Good Job !

Alshante Alshahri
Alshante A.
14 days ago

I was liaised with Sarah Loh for my recruitment and I was very pleased with her service! Efficient and polite, more over patient when I had some technical issue with my recruitment account portal. Highly recommended!

17 days ago

Thanks Syaza Diyana!! I would like to give a Big 5 Star to your professional service. You are so helpful, supportive and super fast response in sourcing potential company which is meeting my expectation. Highly recommend to those who looking for next career opportunity.

Stephany Yong
Stephany Y.
21 days ago

Maha has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process. He is very dedicated and I cannot thank him enough for his full support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my career.

Cass Lee
Cass L.
21 days ago

I personally was managed and communicated with by Maharaj. He is extremely polite and very responsive and transparent about his processes. While I wasn't actively looking for a new role, he approached me with a position and walked me through the process with true dedication and persistence. I would definitely be willing to work with Maharaj and Michael Page in the future.

rishi kumar
rishi K.
22 days ago

The best out there for job seekers.

Muruga Jothii Ramamoorthy
Muruga Jothii R.
23 days ago

Overall experience with Michael Page is super good.Maharaj Murugan is very talented and highly shows his profesional skills as recruiter and go beyond my expectation, I saw how diligently he helped me from the beginning of recruitment, interview process until I got a total holistic overview about the role that Im applied. His sincerity and honesty to do all follow up on timely manner really helped me a lot and makes me calm.I can see his leadership skill as well as how passionate he on ensure myself and my employer to well connected on entire interview.Thank you Maha, thank you Michael Page.

S.Subashini Selladurai
S.Subashini S.
25 days ago

It was with great pleasure that I had a chat with Crystal in regards to my search. She probed to fully understand my career aspirations, skills and competencies to ensure a good match is found. She was professional and an easy personality to deal with. Good 👍

sally lim
sally L.
25 days ago

Been a great pleasure knowing Arvind from Micheal Page, I sincerely appreciated for his consideration, seeking & arrangement for job opportunities. He been assisting on sharing information & I’m thankful for his professionalism.

Alexandra Lee
Alexandra L.
27 days ago

I’ve spoken to different headhunters in recent months and I must say Yan Chong from Michael Page is by far the most professional and engaging of them all. Yan is very responsive, attentive to my career aspirations and works hard to align my expectations to the right opportunities. I would highly recommend Yan to marketing professionals considering their next career move.

Lucas Tai
Lucas T.
28 days ago

Finding a suitable career opportunity can be a challenging process and can at times be frustrating as well however I am pleased to share my pleasant experience with Crystal Ng who have consistently displayed professionalism throughout the talent aquisition process. Furthermore, her transparency towards the current industry practices were insightful and highly appreciated. Keep up the great work! 😊

Zack Fong
Zack F.
a month ago

I am very happy with Michael Page and the agent named Arvind. He is proactive and responsive. He helps me to get a job within a short period of time. Besides, he fights the best for my salary also.

Izanie Nadzim
Izanie N.
a month ago

Recently hired through Michael Page and they were spot on with the candidate profiles. I hired the first candidate that I interviewed which is such a rare situation! Kudos to Ee Lyn and the team for the good work.

Divina Mahendran
Divina M.
a month ago

Odelia & William were extremely helpful and supportive when they approached me for my career move. Both had aligned my role expectations to an ideal client that matched what I was looking for and provided me with guidance that I was very pleased with. The whole process was effortless which took roughly 2 weeks and viola, I am already on board in my new place. And I was placed in the best company with cool colleagues ! I would highly recommend Odelia & William to those looking for their next career opportunity.

Wong Meng Fai
Wong Meng F.
a month ago

Absolutely efficient and helpful service from Jeevan in the process of identifying the suitable role for me and application. Would highly recommend Michael Page for jobseekers

Steven Yong
Steven Y.
a month ago

One of the most pleasant experience I have had with this recruitment agency. The agent named Jeevan is very professional, not just from my perspectives, given me a few options from various hiring companies, guiding me through the process, but most importantly to his clients as well by providing competent candidates ensuring his clients get the best candidates possible. Thumbs up!

wei pin woon
wei pin W.
a month ago

Michael Page's employee is a very professional recruitment agency. My recruiter, Daryl always provide swift support to me and my new employer, he makes the recruitment process fast and smooth. Highly recommended.

Cian Rhu
Cian R.
a month ago

I really enjoy the recruitment services provided by Michael Page. The recruiter liaise with me is May Ching, she is kind, professional and willing to help.

a month ago

Thank you Michael Page, specifically Ee Lyn for your excellent service! ☺️☀️

Nur Khairina
Nur K.
a month ago

My experience working with Michael Page is fantastic and I would like to say a big thank you to Michael Page especially to May Ching the one who helping me to get a good job that I need :-). I was a pleasure to get to know :-)

Farhan Ghazali
Farhan G.
a month ago

To my agent, Jeevan Ekambaram, you are the best. Got me the best and stable job offer for me and my family.

Audrey Ang
Audrey A.
a month ago

I have recently received a job offer through Michael Page. They have a wide range of employers and vacancies to match with candidates' qualifications and requirements. Yan Chong, its Associate Manager has been very helpful and professionally coordinating between employer and candidate, making sure every party has achieved what they want. Excellent service!!

Huey Wen Ong
Huey Wen O.
a month ago

I’ve experienced working with different headhunters but I've particularly enjoyed collaborating with Michael Page. Special shout out to May Ching who has been excellent with her engagement and advices. The whole hiring process is smooth and she gets back to me promptly. Within 3 days after my interview, she manage to close the deal with the hiring company beyond my salary expectation in the midst of pandemic.Kudos to Michael Page Malaysia and May Ching!

Khailoon Wayy
Khailoon W.
a month ago

Brilliant jobs done by Carolyne. Very professional and friendly throughout the hiring process. Provided a lot of insights and career advice to me which are very helpful. Thank Carolyne.

Jowin R
Jowin R
a month ago

I appreciate Michael Page agency, especially to my agent Jeevan Ekambaram for the very good help on my recruitment. I have a very hard time to get an offer after lots of interview for so long. When I met him, he is so supportive and encouraging. He keep getting me a lot of opportunities to try at. Even during holiday and weekend, he did his best helping me at getting an interview, tests, feedback, and right until I got the offer. I really appreciate his help. I am so glad that I met him.

Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep S.
a month ago

Special thanks to Jeevan​ Ekambaram from Michael Page. Without your help, I would not be able to secure a great position and organisation during this tough time. Thanks for all your effort.I definitely recommend Michael Page to my friends who wish to seek for career advancement.

Kuan Wing wai
Kuan Wing W.
a month ago

I'm happy working with Carolyne as she is a professional, friendly and efficient recruiter. She has been very helpful in giving advise, arranging to smoothen the process of hiring for me. I'm truly grateful working with her. Always recommend Michael Page and Carolyne for your future job search!

Muhammad Faiz
Muhammad F.
a month ago

Very happy to be assisted Ms Ee Cui Ying and Ms Eve Khor for helping me in my journey to employment in such turbulent times. Quick responses, insight on tackling interviews, and general professionalism were among the strengths displayed by them. I cannot thank Ms Eve, Ms Ee, and Michael Page Malaysia for helping me!

Sim Tan
Sim T.
a month ago

Thanks Micheal Page for matching my profile with my current employer!!I would like to extend my appreciation specially to Elaine and En Xin. EN Xin was my ex-colleague and i approached her after i have taken a career break of 6 months and she referred me to Elaine who is in charging of thesector related to my background.They manage to arrange an interview session in just 1 week times and my current employer confirmed my employment and made an offer in just 1 hour post our interview session.Post I joined my current employment, my boss told me that I am the first and only profile Elaine referred to my boss and I am exactly what they are looking for. It is impressive that how well Elaine matching profile of candidates for employers, it is so efficient and saving a lot of effort and times for both candidates and employers. This is my best job hunting experience throughout my career.In addition, i would like to highlight how well Elaine prepared me before the interview session. She not only explain in details whats is the job scope and how my past experience fit into the role i am applying, she even taking extra miles in guiding me what questions to ask or how to present myself during the interview in order to impress the hiring manager.Thanks again to Elaine and En Xin. I will definitely look for you guys again when i am looking for career advancement.

Victor Lee
Victor L.
a month ago

A big shoutout to Ee Lyn that help made my experience fairly seamless from start to end, considering the pandemic that we are in. Her professionalism and can-do attitude speaks a lot about the values one should uphold, considering my experiences speaking to recruiters. Thank you!

a month ago

I am really appreciate to Carolyne on helping me to secure a good job and strive for a good pay. She is very responsible and keep following up with me and the company. Big thank you to her.

a month ago

Shoutout to Carolyne for her unlimited support! 5/5! Appreciate all the guidance given to me!

Wai Chong Tan
Wai Chong T.
2 months ago

Thank you Michael Page for your professionalism in handling the recruitment process. Thanks for connecting me with great organization. Special shout out to Eugene Koo and Evone Lee.

2 months ago

Special thanks to Ms Afiqah from Michael Page. Without your help, I would not be able to secure a great position in this incredible company. You are my guardian angel. Michael Page has the most experience recruiters to identify qualified candidate that match the abilities, skill and experience required by a role. I definitely recommend Michael Page to my friends who wish to seek for career advancement.

Jasmine Kwan
Jasmine K.
3 months ago

Smooth experience with MP.I approached by Ms Cheryl Fernandez during RMCO. Thanks to her professionalism, I got my current role in a well established company with minimum effort from my end.

Kelvin Ch'ng
Kelvin C.
3 months ago

Michael Page is one of the top notch headhunter company in Malaysia.Friendly, helpful is a basic.I’hv been accepting their offers second time, and every jobs offer is far more satisfied.If they approach you, try to listen what they have to offer, it will surprise you.

Phoebe Chang
Phoebe C.
17 days ago

Had a wonderful experience working with Arvind. He is enthusiastic, proactive and very responsive. He also follows up closely until after the deal was closed. Great attitude.

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