Before PageGroup, where were you before and what were your specialisations?

I was with Groupon Malaysia as their Senior Talent Specialist, specialising in recruitment, talent training & development, payroll and HRIS. I was also part of the setup team for Groupon in Malaysia and has successfully expanded the team from 30 to 180 within one and a half years.

Why did you join PageGroup and what your current role is?

I decided to join PageGroup as one of their consultants because I saw a huge potential in the business, especially when they were the market leader here in Malaysia. Besides, PageGroup offered great working opportunities with talented individuals who came from various backgrounds yet shared the same ambition – which is to bring the business to another level. I enjoy working with these people who work hard and play harder. This is the team that also manages to achieve records consistently every month. I joined PageGroup in 2013 as an Associate Consultant and is now a Manager.

How did/have your past experience(s) helped you in your current role?

Recruitment in human resources is different from being a recruitment consultant, as the former involves sales. However, the interview processes and basic assessment of candidates’ skill sets are similar. This helped me in the transition to my current role and has enabled me to pick up this role quite quickly.

Successes / achievements that you have accomplished during your time at PageGroup

One key achievement that I have accomplished was to convince a client who had refused to work with PageGroup in Malaysia, into a key account within a year. In that year alone we were the top performing agency who had not only made the most placements but also managed to secure roles with other functions for PageGroup.

How have you grown with PageGroup?

I got confirmed and promoted at the same time, from an Associate Consultant to a Consultant within six months of joining the business. I joined PageGroup Malaysia in 2013 and have been promoted twice.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is that it allows me to work with a diverse group of people who are always willing to work together as a team. The great remuneration package offered at PageGroup definitely motivates me as well.

What advice would you give to graduates who are looking to join the recruitment industry?

Some questions that you can ask yourself - Are you looking for an opportunity to work with dynamic, fast growing MNC? Are you excited to work with a group of open, fun and ambitious individuals? Do you want to work in an innovative environment where challenges and excitement are part of daily life? Do you want a role where you could write your own paycheck every month? If your answers are yes, you are on the right page! Apply to PageGroup now and join the exciting and fun world of recruitment.