From shifts in IT innovation and strategies to increasing demand for specialist skills and talent, the role of the CIO is seeing rapid transformation. The 2015/16 Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia CIO Viewpoint outlines the priorities and perspectives of CIOs in these markets.

Their ever-changing roles in the region and significant impact they continue to have are explored in the report.

According to Jeffrey Ng, Director for Michael Page Finance, HR and Technology, under heightened competition and cost-driven pressures, CIOs are tasked with challenges to optimise their resources in a bid to expand and drive growth. In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, they will have to maintain budgets, drive innovation and top-line growth and integrate processes across organisations.

Across these markets, CIOs are taking into consideration a business development approach for projects. They will have to work closely on merging technology know-how with the enabling platforms to bring to the business, consistency and efficiency.

Ng argues CIOs will be focused on mobility being their top priority. They should keep pace with a constantly evolving marketplace and try to keep a competitive advantage. CIOs are also called upon to create strategic plans that respond to market demand for IT security risk and governance.

CIOs will have to draw up process improvement initiatives, implement SAP applications and oversee big data projects. Mobility remains at the foremost of most CIO agendas.

Budgetary constraints remain another challenge for CIOs. Rapidly advancing technology requirements within organisations are leaving an investment gap in talent and resources. Companies are looking to scale up through supporting more functions with newly rolled out technology.

The Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia CIO Viewpoint statistics show companies taking stock of how technology can drive their bottom line and enhance efficiency and cost savings.

Headcount will see an upswing, with more companies devoting attention to expanding resources. The increase in headcount is due to a reliance on technology to drive and support business as well as the emergence of more organisations relocating to South East Asia.

Ng observes that organisational skills will be highly valued as most respondents are prioritising professionals with project management skills, followed by those with relevant experience in cloud services and mobility development.

These sought after skills will create a demand for technology professionals skilled in this area and the employment outlook stays buoyant with a third of respondents staying optimistic about hiring.

Doing more with less appears to be the overall sentiment as CIOs will need to work with smaller working teams and limited technology budgets.

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The 2015/16 Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia CIO Viewpoint report highlighted the changing nature of this role across the region, and the main priorities for CIOs, including:

  • Maintaining budgets and driving innovation
  • Business development
  • Mobility and how to balance this with IT security and risk governance
  • More value on organisational and project management skills

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