For many job seekers who celebrate Chinese New Year, the period after the festivities is usually prime time to embark on a fresh start and rejuvenate careers by searching for the dream job.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the general job market, certain sectors are set for exponential growth in 2017. But which are the sectors with the highest growth in 2017?

In Indonesia, they would be technology and e-commerce, reported the Michael Page 2017 Asia Salary and Employment Outlook.


Malaysia’s technology sector is poised to do well due in part the country’s position as an information technology (IT) hub in Asia, as well as the expansion of big data.

Over the next 12 months, numerous multinationals will be seeking candidates for IT security functions such as security specialists with cloud knowledge.

Candidates with skills such as big data, cloud and distributed computing, statistical analysis and data mining, web architecture, and user interface design – among others – are likely to be highly sought after.

In this market, job seekers can expect to receive between 10 and 20% in increments when switching to a lateral role, and 15 to 25% when they move up the ranks. Some candidates will command up to 30% if they are skilled in particularly niche areas.

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While Malaysia’s retail sector is expected to remain unchanged from 2016, more consumers are expected to move their spending to online stores rather than brick-and-mortar shops. New malls, including premium outlets, are expected to be established in the country over the next few years.

Firms are also cutting costs and introducing regional marketing roles based in Malaysia, as well as exploring other ways of going digital. Traditional marketers will need to learn how to adapt to market changes and develop their digital skills.

Specialised skill sets in demand include shopper marketing and expertise in social media, consumer insights and market research. 

In this market, candidates who switch roles can expect to receive increments of between 15 and 25%.

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