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Michael Page - Making a Difference in Cambodia

This December, members of the Michael Page Malaysia team will travel to Cambodia to install water     

filters in Siem Reap.

Providing clean water to villages in Cambodia

Dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. But it doesn’t have to.

We aim to raise RM50, 000 helping about 800 villagers gain access to clean drinking water. On December 6-8, our team will travel to Siem Reap with the funds we will raise for Make A Difference  to install the filters that will provide ongoing access to clean water.


According to Make A Difference (MAD):

Water is such a fundamental human need affecting not just health but education and income for people living in poverty. When a child falls ill from dirty water they are unable to go to school and when a woman spends hours each day collecting water she is kept away from an income generating job.

Almost one in six people worldwide don’t have access to clean water – that’s over one billion people. We can change this.

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