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Fraser and Neave (F&N) Client Profile

F&N is a regional market leader in the FMCG industry with an extensive range of iconic brands and products in the market. As one of the biggest company regionally, it goes without saying that they are one of the most respected organizations in the FMCG industry. Founded over 129 years ago, F&N represent is a truly phenomenal global success story.

Over the years, the brands in F&N’s stable have continued to grow from strength to strength. Our divisions have worked aggressively to deliver on the respective brand promises through bringing our customers consistent and memorable brand experiences. F&N’s underlying commitment to innovation, quality and excellence undoubtedly enabled the brands in our stable to weather the challenges of the marketplace as well as forge ahead in their respective market segments.

Today, F&N is a leading Pan Asian Consumer Group with core expertise and strong standing in the Food and Beverage, Dairies and Property. Leveraging its strengths in marketing and distribution; research and development; brands and financial management; as well as years of acquisition experience, it provides key resources and sets strategic directions for its subsidiary companies across all three industries. F&N owns an impressive array of renowned brands that enjoy market leadership across a mix of food, dairies and soft drinks; as well as property development.

The Group has grown from strength to strength with an annual turnover in access of RM4 billion from its core business in the manufacture, sale and marketing of soft drinks, dairies, non-carbonated beverages as well as property and has recorded revenue growth for the 11th consecutive year. F&N is definitely a unique company by itself in Malaysia by being listed and also having the MNC status has always been one of the preferred employers in Malaysia due to their continues growth and expansion plans in the region with good exposure to quality of management and challenges within the group

Being the leading beverage company in Malaysia, F&N is combining strong brand strength and also strong quality of the people within the group to become the leading total beverage company in the region and taking the next step towards global recognition by practicing world class multinational enterprise culture and standards and improving their excellent product to the world.