Development and retention advice

The value of succession planning
All businesses lose good people for a variety of personal or professional reasons. Succession planning is therefore important to ensure the business is well-placed to continue its goals and strategy with the leadership of high performing staff.

Top tips for retaining staff
When it comes to effective staff retention strategies, one size does not fit all.

Benefits of mentoring
The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentoree through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience.

Building effective teams
Building a high performance team involves more than just assembling a group of talented individuals.

Aligning People with Business Objectives
Establishing business plans and company objectives can be a time consuming and challenging process. Although critical to business success, managers can often lose sight of these guiding principles over time as day to day priorities take precedence.

Why do top performers leave?
Many hiring managers believe that employing a top performer will make an immediate impact on the business, without the need for an onboarding process or training and development programme. But, as with any new starter, high achievers must be supported throughout their career in order to perform at their best.