Amy Chang, consultant at Michael Page Taiwan, is grateful for the support that she has received from her supervisors, colleagues and family as she prepares to enter motherhood. 

What prompted your move into recruiting?

Before joining the recruitment industry, I was working in supply chain. Recruitment allows me to use my expertise in a meaningful way. I enjoy helping people make their next career move and talking to professionals (both candidates and clients) from different industries.

Please describe a typical day.

I make plans for the day when I arrive in the office.  In addition to spending time on the phone with candidates and updating them on their job search, I also interview 2-3 people a day and arrange 1-2 client meetings.

You are now in your first pregnancy. What has helped you to juggle pregnancy and work?

I usually get morning sickness and tend to fall sick often. But thankfully, my supervisor is also a working mother who understands my situation and is able to grant me some flexibility in my working schedule. My family also respects my job and gives me space to do it well.

What do you plan to do to ensure work-life balance after giving birth?

Continue having good communication channels with my family, supervisor and colleagues. I also will continue to plan ahead to give myself adequate time to handle unexpected matters that pop up with my child.

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